Who is Vit?
(a little about)

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I help brands communicate better.

Whether you build a new company or need a refresh of a current one. I help solve problems regarding visual communication. But, also, I have a considerable overlap to related areas: copywriting, webdesign/UX and marketing. Having combined these, I think of myself as a brand identity designer.

More than fifteen years of professional experience in the field: at your service.

I started as a graphic designer in several agencies here in the Czech Republic, I gained lots of experience working for brands like Sony, mBank and many Czech love-brands. Decision to leave my warm spot at the office and starting my own little brand identity studio proved to be one the most exciting things in my life. Since then, I have served hundreds of awesome clients and helped their brands grow faster.

As a musician and Applied Informatics graduate, I thrive in structure and order, with occasional (and much wanted) diversions — and that's the way I approach problem solving and that's what I offer that to my clients. And that's what the seem to love about cooperating with me :)

Coming from "lower levels" of the brand identity pyramide, I also have a great insight into a craft part and I am able to help my clients with the activation of the newly created brands. I can watch their subcontractors for them and cut through the bullshit they are sometimes trying to pull.


Mid 80's

Born and loved, living in the heart of Europe.


Took up guitar nad bass — falling for music, the art of the moment.

Late 90's

Got my first computer with an ancient Corel Draw pre-installed. Falling for more permanent craft: graphic design. Since then I was constantly trying to make a living out of it.

Late 00's

Studied and graduated from faculty of informatics in Brno, Czech Republic. Started a full-time professional career.


Full-blown life — getting married to the most awesome person in the world, started my own business, becoming a father to the two most beautiful children.