By Anna Brandejs visual identity

Mrs. Anna Brandejs is a fascinating person. Highly educated, smart and charismatic. She operates in a beauty&lifestyle territory. She started a cosmetic surgery clinic in Prague, runs a successful e-commerce business and, last but not least, develops awesome food supplements.

Having studied in the filed of biochemistry, she makes sure her products are as clean and effective as they can possibly be. And visual identity also reflects that in the same way. So there's nothing extra there. Only hard-working typography, no other graphic elements. Only black and white.

And a tiny little touch — treating "ANNA" as a palindrome when used on packaging.

My role:
— Conducting an extensive focus group with about 20 women (in cooperation with Makevision agency)
— Creating a visual system that reflects company values and respects focus group's conclusions
— Applying this new visual style to packaging

The Team:
— Vít Rýznar (me:) — creative direction, packaging design
— Miroslav Kozák — concept activation
— David Hejret — concept activation

The Anna Brandejs logo is just as simple as company's philosophy: simple, clean, working well.

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