Cara Plasma
visual identity

Donating blood plasma really saves lives of people. Pharma companies use it to make specialized drugs that keep many people alive. It cannot be substituted or artificially created. That's way it's too important to remind people to come and donate blood plasma.

But what if people are scared of blood? Of pain? Of fainting? Long thick needles. How can graphic design help with that? Let's see.

For Cara Plasma, one of the biggest plasma centres in the Czech Republic, I have developed a visual system that is focused on new donors' acquisition. It pictures the opposite of "scary, sharp, needles" — there's not a single sharp corner, everything is rounded, friendly. From shapes to color palette. From the website to the last business card. Also, I have created a set of lively characters that guide the potential donor through the process.

What was my role?
— To analyze the Cara Plasma brand and identify primary issues that needed to be addressed
— To create a visual system that will reflect company values and approach
— To provide a copy-writing guide that will help the company with the overall tone of voice

The Team:
— Vít Rýznar (me) — creative and art-director
— Miroslav Kozák — concept design and activation
— David Hejret — concept activation


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