Gepard express visual identity

Gepard (czech word for "cheetah") is a tiny little company that is about to jump into a pool of billion-dollar ones. Transportation. Trains, buses and more. Highly competitive environment. Using its handicaps as advantages. Being faster, more agile and able to change rapidly to the circumstances, that's what counts in this business.

And that's also a main building block of their visual identity. Having speed in mind, I have come up with the "G—hashtag". And agressive color palette that enables the company to stand out in a crowd.

My role
— To strategically analyze the brand and the competitive environment
— To create compelling visual style that reflects speed and agility

The Team:
— Vít Rýznar (me) — creative and art-director
— Miroslav Kozák — concept activation

The "G—hashtag" works great as a company "stamp". It involves the obligatory letter "G", (rail)road crossing and a hashtag as a symbol of speed and shortcut.

GEPARD title

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